THE NEGRO'S SHARE by Richard & others Sterner


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A thorough, well-documented study of the problem of the Negro in relation to economic and social opportunity and benefits in this country today, as compared with native whites. It was made under the auspices of the Carnegie Foundation. The study of the problem begins with a view of the occupational trends and opportunities of the Negro and the composition of the average family and their incomes. He goes on to investigate consumption, expenditures, and housing conditions. The second half of the book is devoted to Negro participation in social welfare and benefits, showing growing opportunities for them in recent years. All this material is presented in slow, scholarly fashion which reveals both thoroughness and impartiality. However the author does believe that the Negro's share is far too small proportionately, and can substantiate it fully. A solid,impressive piece of research for those interested in the problem.

ISBN: 1597406309
Publisher: Harper