THE RUNAWAY by Richard Parker


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Hugo is fourteen (but this reads better if you think of him as about twelve), the only child still at home with parents whose regular weekend fights drive him out of the house and into a crazy scheme to bring them together: he'll hide out in their summer trailer and send ransom demands as if he's been kidnapped. But his father, unknown to Hugo, leaves home the same day; his mother recognizes Hugo's tape-recorded ""kidnapper's"" voice and knows he's up to something; and meanwhile at the trailer camp Hugo runs into a suspicious, self-proclaimed writer who, Hugo becomes convinced, is planning to kidnap him for real. There's a scary chase that seems a bit silly when it turns out that the writer is just trying to help--but it's all managed and resolved with Parker's usual, readable ease.

Pub Date: Nov. 22nd, 1978
Publisher: Nelson