LION AT LARGE by Richard Parker


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Put yourself in the place of Mrs. Matthews. Would you have believed your son Barry when he announced in spurts of excitement that he had seen a lion from his window during the night? Well, the family's disbelief was only the beginning, for at school, poor Barry was razzed almost to a point of self doubt. Only little Ingrid Nelson secretly expressed her belief in Barry. And so the two set out after school for the railway embankment and the labyrinth of vines and caves surrounding it, where lo and behold, Barry's ""myth"" is substantiated. The thrill of their secret discovery leads to further adventure as they finagle food and milk for the tame, gentle animal. But, alas, even a mild lion has his fearsome moments; thus when Ingrid hurts her ankle and is trapped with her ""pet"", it is a wise Barry who finally gets help. The realism of setting and the vitality of character treatment accentuate the humor and suspense and lend surprising credibility to a bizarre situation.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1961
Publisher: Nelson