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A WINTER DREAM by Richard Paul Evans


by Richard Paul Evans

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4516-2803-6
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Best-selling author Evans takes the biblical story of Joseph and transposes it to contemporary times in Denver, Chicago and New York.

This novel turns biblical archetypes into authentic, believable characters and uses an interesting and credible plot to convey an important message. Joseph Jacobson, or J.J as he likes to be called, is his father’s 12th son, one of two sons born of his father’s fourth wife. His 11 brothers are jealous of him because he is also his father’s favorite. The biblical coat of many colors is, in this modern tale, the father’s Navy flight jacket from Vietnam decorated with the colorful patches of his deployment. Joseph’s father chose to give him this precious gift at a family dinner on the same night he celebrated his favorite son’s success in saving an account for the family advertising firm. And so the story begins. The oldest brothers find a way to banish their hated younger brother to a different company in Chicago, where he rises above hardships only to fall and rise again. Each chapter begins with one of the narrator’s dreams, and these dreams turn out to be symbolically prophetic, just as Joseph’s dreams in Egypt turned out to be. The first-person narrative voice feels familiar and endearing, and the conversations among the various characters are authentic. Readers will relate to these characters, be moved to tears and laughter by them, and most importantly, be inspired by them.

If you know how the biblical story ends, it won’t spoil anything for you to know that this book has a happy ending. Getting there is a journey you should definitely take.