HOW TO PUNT, PASS AND KICK by Richard Pickens


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In reading the two books listed below, we couldn't quite shake the conviction that the potential high school football star isn't very likely to read about what it is he wants to do; that he's much more likely to flex God-given muscles, listen to his coach and then go do it. These two books are for the less well-equipped novices. Both Mr. Pickens and Mr. Rosenthal have tried to get every physical motion and play down on paper. This is most difficult, but they've kept it very simple and made it graphic with illustrations made up of photographs and drawings. How to Punt, Pass and Kick, makes these efforts seem as maddeningly detailed as How to Produce 301 Stunning Bows on Gifts. There is so much to remember and so many difficulties to anticipate; nevertheless, this is how the boys tie up the game. The Big Play tries to unscramble the seeming chaos of twenty-two boys trying to get an inflated pig bladder over one of two white lines. He uses the very personal approach--a boon to scrubs and a heady boost to individual imaginations:

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1965
Publisher: Random House