DON QUIXOTE, U.S.A. by Richard Powell


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This attempt to extend a caper into a book length comedy generally fails although its occasional lines are better than its central situation. Arthur Peabody Goodpasture, he's a Wally Cox type, joins the Peace Corps (code 06-3- Fruit Farming) and is sent to San Marco, an island in the Caribbean where one El Gavilan is planning a coup against its Generalismo. Under El Gavilan, he starts a program of agrarian reform, institutes some democratic principles, and edges out El Gavilan who takes to sulking and drinking rum in his shack. Meantime his former girl Sally comes down there; no longer recognizes him under the beard and muscles he's grown; and he appears on the cover of LIFE, disappears forever as Arthur Peabody Goodpasture...Benign at best but muy silly most of the time.

Publisher: Scribners