TRIAD by Richard Rohmer


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A sequel to--and improvement over--Periscope Red (1980), which left us dangling on the edge of nuclear disaster, with US generals taking over the country to avoid the bumblings of the politicians. Now we find that General Young, who was ready to lead the takeover, had a brain tumor--and that Pres. Hansen, still in power, is ready to launch a limited nuclear strike against the Soviets, who are after the Persian Gulf. Still, before pushing the button, Hansen decides to fly to Moscow and hash things out--as things get wildly complicated. Russia, you see, has just discovered a 4.5 trillion-barrel oil strike and will shortly be the greatest oil producer on earth. Meanwhile, the rape of a Moslem girl by three Soviet soldiers has resulted in renewed hostilities between Iran and Iraq, with nuclear touches. And Hansen, truly alarmed, now flies first to Peking, then to a secret meeting with the Soviet leaders at Goose Bay--to effect agreement on his proposed Triad plan for a nuclear peacekeeping force manned equally by Chinese, Soviet, and US troops and technicians. When news of the Iraqi A-bombs arrives, the leaders agree. . . but not for long. A workmanlike, detailed geopolitical fantasy: solid entertainment for fans of the genre.

Pub Date: March 29th, 1982
Publisher: Beaufort--dist. by Scribners