THE REAL VOICE by Richard rris


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This retrospective of the Kefauver investigation of the drug industry to the passage of the food and drug bill, Public Law 87-781 some four years later appeared initially in The New Yorker. It is a tribute to Estes Kefauver who in pite of his extroverted, bushytailed headgear on a campaign circuit, was a very uiet man and a tough competitor, particularly as a trust-buster. Harris records the probe of a very healthy industry (tremendous profit taking) with many maligancies; not only maintaining an identity of prices extortionate to begin with, but guilty of failing to post the side effects of many of the drugs marketed. It is also an account of the introduction and passage of the bill which was chipped away at until it lost most of its potency, and was finally reframed and restored to full strength after the thalidomide affair.... A carefully researched testimonial delivered with strict respect for the facts, all the facts, and with almost no inflection of any kind. Mr. Harris, like Mr. Kefauver, never raises his voice.

Publisher: acmillan