CIVIC VICTORIES by Richard S. Childs


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The originator of the short ballot movement and the city manager plan here presents a fine study of state and local government mechanics with definite goals set forth. Seeking to penetrate the pall of what is popularly termed apathy by politicans, Mr. Childs probes the causes for voters' confusion. To avoid blind voting, he presses for the short ballot, election of only attention-attracting offices, and centralization of powers. He discusses progressive attempts in state, municipal and county government and illustrates the success of his own mechanisms. He peruses the school systems, intraparty organization, the effects of proportional representation, democratic procedure in corporations...concluding sections of the book include readings from the civic battle front and outlines of the National Municipal League's models for state, county, and city government. With specific aims, facts, and answers this is an essential and exciting primer in the state and local field so pitifully neglected on the whole -- a workbook for people engaged in the fight for good government.

Pub Date: Nov. 12th, 1952
Publisher: Harper