CAL ME AL RAFT by Richard Shaw


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Protected by a paper thin shell of cynicism, Al Raft searches for the father his mother has never even mentioned. . . or maybe she did, once, since the name Beecher sticks in his mind. After Edna, his mother, goes off with yet another born loser, Al's search begins in earnest. Hitchhiking up and down the length of California, Al first finds the elusive Barney Raft, once a dancer in grade X movies, only to discover that although Barney knew his mother when she was a stripper named Amanda L'Amour, he is not Al's father. Al's real dad--once a clean cut fraternity lad named Beecher--turns up as skipper of a rich man's yacht in Sausalito. He's no prize either, but like Edna, turns out to be decent enough after all. The changes Al goes through are small stuff compared to another young man's search for the father he knew as The Dollar Man (1974), but Al--tough and quick-witted as a private eye but with a soft center--provides painless identification.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1975
Page count: 160pp
Publisher: Nelson