SUMMER AFTER SUMMER by Richard Sullivan


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I suppose there is a market for a book of this kind, but it seems pretty nebulous to me. Do you remember Enid Bagnold's The Door of Life, which was a longdrawn out study of a pregnant woman's psychology? Well, this has the same thesis, transferred to a different social scale, as an inarticulate youngish couple, facing the coming of their second child, alternately pushed apart and brought together in their period of waiting, face the small challenges of marriage. Julie, a rather unpleasant three year old, has childish ailments; Anna, the mother, is threatened recurrently with miscarriage; the husband, a clerk in a drygoods store, has a period of reluctant attraction to a cheap floozie of the town; a couple with whom they are friendly are seen drifting into trouble; the budget is always on the ragged edge. One of these photographic pictures, with scant appeal for the average reader.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran