MOULDED IN EARTH by Richard Vaughan


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A heavy, stormy Welsh background is the setting for this tale of family feuding, pride and arrogance. For Ned Peele loves Grett Ellis in spite of their fathers' violent attitudes and together they decide to face the fury that their decision to marry will rouse. Ned is right-handed by his older brother, Justin, who, alone, is able to defy not only Grett's trigger-tempered brother but also his own coldly goading Father, and who, through his control of the impossible situation, sees the wedding through. But it is Justin's own pride in his strength that brings about his end, as he tries to save Grett's brother from a maddened bull, so that the feud is buried with the two first-borns of the families. A tale of changing times, when the younger groups are leaving for the mines, when the church and the smithy, although still the center of the communities, are losing their pull, when the roots in the soil are loosening -- this conveys a sense of the past along with a feeling of Wales and its people.

Pub Date: Jan. 12th, 1950
Publisher: Dutton