SON OF JUSTIN by Richard Vaughan


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A sequel to Moulded In Earth (1951), this continues the story of Edwin and Grett after the double tragedy of their brothers, Justin and Jeff which ended the Ellis-Peele feud. Against the dark valleys of Wales, they watch their daughter Sabel grow up, worry about her attraction for Matt Felindre, and, with Edwin's parents, hold their breath when Justin's bastard son, Jasper, makes his swaggering appearance. An accident brings Jasper to their home, reveals his love for Sabel and hers for him and causes Edwin to help him decide to leave. Grett's sudden death, when Sabel is meeting Jasper secretly, brings about Sabel's voluntary renunciation but Sabel's threatening health sends Jasper and big, loyal Moc to look for Jasper and bring him home. A wearying search and a bloody encounter with the boy give them a successful ending but conscription parts the lovers again and Jasper's death abroad results in Sabel's suicide. A brooding sense of the dark overlay of suffering and a singing feeling of the times and seasons background a sensitive family story.

Pub Date: July 12th, 1955
Publisher: Dutton