COOKING GREAT MEALS EVERY DAY by Richard with David Ricketts Sax


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After the run of elaborate cookbooks designed to ""make my guests drop dead"" (the quoted goal of one of Sax's fellow cooking students), it's a relief that cookbook authors have come to recognize our need for everyday family meals that do more than keep us alive. This is far from the first such offering, but it's an attractive one, and more than just a collection of recipes. The soup section starts with a basic broth and a note on the ""building process"" of soup-making, and it intersperses recipes with boxed notes on ""General Principles"" regarding leftover soups or ""Basic Procedures for Vegetable Puree Soups""; the fish and seafood section begins with a primer on sauces, and proceeds through different fish-cooking methods; and there's a two-page guide to sautÉes. The dishes are fresh and appealing, varied in origin, good enough for company, and, if a little time-consuming for every day, easily possible for regular family consumption.

Pub Date: Nov. 3rd, 1982
Publisher: Random House