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WHITE MAN, LISTEN! by Richard Wright


by Richard Wright

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1957
ISBN: 0060925647
Publisher: Doubleday

The Color Curtain (World) in 1956 revealed Wright as a challenging spokesman for the colored people of Asia and Africa. This new book White Man Listen! specifically takes the psychological reactions of the colored people to the white oppressors — the literature of the Negro as evidence of his thesis —tradition as it is affected by industrialization — and the birth of Ghana on the African Gold Coast. As a white one cannot but cringe somewhat at the too penetrating uncovering of the cheap superiority of the dominant white, the factors that have kept the colored people feeling down graded. The final section on the miracle of nationalism in the African Gold Coast is a succint presentation of the steps by which that miracle was achieved — perhaps the most exciting achievement in today's world.