100 MILLION LIVES: A  Nuclear War by Richard

100 MILLION LIVES: A Nuclear War

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How can we defend ourselves, and yet avoid a world-shattering nuclear war? Should we for total , or for new kinds of arms, new balances of power? Questions which plagued every thinking American in the past decade must now be evaluated in the light of the kinds of strategies described in this very valuable little book. The author, a professional journalist, examines carefully a series of nuclear combat by the Pentagon. First he shows two strategists--- Brigadier General Noel arrish and Lieut. Colonel Donald Martin--- estimating the terrible losses America would suffer under different kinds of nuclear attack in 1963. He then examines the various postures hypothesized to meet those attacks. Plans calling for total attack, attack only of major cities, and attacks calling for no city bombardment are explained. Choosing the No City pla as now the most feasible (military and transportation targets will get primary importance), he argues for its persuasive and logistic force in getting the Russians to leave our cities standing too. The prospects of life after nuclear attack are also examined briefly. Although the book does not do an adequate job in detail the logistics of each plan. It does advance ideas so important they may change the course of history within the next few years.

Publisher: Macmillan