EARTH MIGHT BE FAIR by Richard'S. Emrich


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This volume is the Presiding Bishop's book for Lent. While intended for and recommended to the members of the Protestant Episcopal Church primarily, it is a book which should appeal to a much wider reading public. The author, rector, and professor in the Episcopal Theological Seminary, reflects this two-fold interest in the study which he has made of the nature of man and his relation to God. The essential emphasis is theological and therefore, as Bishop Tucker states in his foreword, ""this is not a book to be read lightly and it will bear much thought and consideration after it has been read"". Nevertheless the author is a keen observer of the contemporary scene, sympathetically aware of the nature of the very human problems with which we are beset. It is a book which may be heartily recommended to all thoughtful Christians of whatever denomination for their Lenten study.

Publisher: Harper