TRUANT by Richmond Barrett


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Vigor and sharp lines for a story of championship tennis which gives a strong sense of the game, its players, its satellites. Jonathan Coit, inbred, surly, hard, after a lonely childhood, directs all his drive towards tennis, is taken in hand by Baron, a wealthy patron of the sport, and is coached to stardom. The few friendships of earlier years are dropped on route, ruthlessly, and Coit, playing a lone hand and a brilliant, erratic game, eventually hits the top as he beats the longstanding champion, Don Fleet. Follows a good will tour to Japan with Fleet, his wife Middy, and some notables during which, for the first time, Coit finds himself involved in a human relationship which is too much for him, when Middy, blunt, bullying but appealing, attracts him into a bittersweet affair. Coit pulls out of it -- and away from tennis for good -- and returns alone to the United States for an undefined future...An original plot and background; good reading.

Publisher: Dutton