THE BEST HUMOR OF 1950-1951 by
Kirkus Star


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Last year's edition proved a boon for sales and laughs, and now this new collection lives up to the high quality of selection of its predecessor. Samplings from professional humorists and serious writers, from the famous and the unknown, appear in chapters of books, short stories, magazine articles, columns, newspaper supplement features to represent the richest and most representative in the straight humor, farce, natire and critical fields. Selections are arranged by contrasts of mood and tempo and are preceded by a biographical commentary on the writer. There is a less insular note this year with inclusions from Canada and England. Excerpts from Snobs, Blandings Way, The Swiss Family . The Little World of Don Camillo. The Vexations of A. J. Went worth, B. A. Americans in Glass Houses. Open House -- pieces by John Lardner, Thurber, Red Smith, Will Cuppy, Ogden Nash, Frank Sullivan, John Crosby, Parke Cummings, Robert Ruark and many another -- make up a big bag of superior antidotes for today's exposed erves. Worthwhile.

Publisher: Holt