GONE TO EARTH by Rick Boyer


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Like the last few adventures of Dr. Charles Adams (The Daisy Dicks, 1986; Moscow Metal, 1987), oral surgery's answer to Travis McGee, this record of Doe's battle of nerves (and other weapons) against a crazed biker combines high-grade action with a low-calorie mystery. Who owns the four spiffy Harley-Davidsons cached in the barn of Pound Foolish Farm, Doc's opulent new spread in the Berkshires? According to demure Lucy Kirkland, they belonged to her brother Billy and three other members of a biker gang called the Aces, including sadistic giant Werner ""Buddy"" Franz. When four bikers and two of their girlfriends turn up buried just outside Doe's property line, it looks as if Buddy killed them all--unless that outsized skeleton is his. But a few routine inquiries and Doc's professional expertise suggest that Buddy's still alive, and nursing a powerful grudge against Doc, who he thinks has set him up already; and after somebody tortures and kills Harry Phelps--who'd bought Buddy's old Harley at the Sheriff's auction--Buddy's old cycle buddy Pete Becket, and assorted animals, its clear that the killer plans to drive away Doc's feisty wife Mary and his friends before killing him too. Enter wizened former mercenary Laitis Roantis (introduced in The Daisy Ducks), quietly hellbent on helping Doc defend the farm. The sole plot twist is visible from a lot farther off than Buddy Franz along the treeline, but the siege of the farm is strong stuff for fans of macho heroics. Riveting, predictable actioner.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1990
Publisher: Ballantine