SCIMITAR by Rick DeMarinis


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Can Project Scimitar succeed? Will the world be ruled by a billionaire's head mated to the body of a robot spider? Don't depend on Jay Ponce, a humble technical writer for the Dynablast Corporation, to stop this grisly future. Framed for murder by a sadistic preacher, drugged by a cancerous anthropologist, savaged by snarling executives, cuckolded by a martial-arts marauder named Basho Lovely, he's lucky merely to survive. And who could hope to stand up against Skylor Blue, the arachnohominid prime mover of Project Scimitar? But the most fearsome threat of all in this novel is a lot of purple prose that wanders at times into the ultraviolet. DeMarinis' fertile imagination is canceled out by his over-writing, and the result is a spastic narrative filled with sinister prophecies and murky philosophy. In the words of Jay Ponce: "". . . a gnarled confusion of vectors.

Pub Date: March 28th, 1977
Publisher: Dutton