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NOWHERE NICE by Rick Gavin


by Rick Gavin

Pub Date: Nov. 19th, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-312-58319-4
Publisher: Minotaur

When a meth lord escapes from a Mississippi prison and heads for the crackers who put him away, vowing revenge, the ensuing complications include every plot twist imaginable except revenge.

Repo man Nick Reid and his friend and colleague Desmond never went looking for Guy Baptiste Boudrot, but their quest for the Ford Ranchero Nick had been driving (Ranchero, 2011) ended up sending Boudrot to Parchman. Now he’s walked away from the prison camp, eluded the alligators who were supposed to stop him from escaping, killed an inoffensive passerby and helped himself to his ride. Nobody has to guess where “that Boudrot” is going. So the two repo men have to warn the friends and neighbors who were originally involved in Boudrot’s apprehension and make sure they all stay one step ahead of him. But it’s hard to circle the wagons when you’re on the run and even harder to keep under the radar when every little town your road trip takes you through leads to more unsought mayhem. “That was just the way in the Delta,” muses Nick in one of his rare reflective moods. “You ask a guy a simple question, and you end up in a fight.” Eventually, Nick and Desmond’s shambling odyssey, which takes them and Barbara, a hound dog in T-shirts, through Louisiana and Mississippi into Alabama, leads them to a confrontation on a tornado-ravaged golf course that ends along blissfully predictable lines. But the journey, as Gavin’s hilariously Zen-like approach to redneck culture suggests, is more to be treasured than the destination.

It just never ends for Nick and Desmond and their nemesis, and on the evidence of this latest rematch, it doesn’t look as if it ever will.