OVER THE FENCE by Rick Sterry


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Our generation is a generation of revolution"" but it's hard to say why or against what since the point is never further developed. Four college students, given to scatty, skittish impulses (and obviously protected from any of the realities-- making a living? entering the service?) drift through one summer: Daniel finds that his girl Ellen is pregnant, he marries her, his gracious mother buys them a house, they have a first party and a first fight and she miscarries. Chevy, his friend, has an affair with Alberta who works at the local chili parlor, has hurled obscenities over the phone to his father (the Dean of Students), and just as capriciously does not follow him on to graduate school. . . . A skimpy business subsidized only by its youth but under the puppy fat, there's no real bone of contention with the would they're supposed to be subverting. Aimless anarchy.

Pub Date: June 19th, 1968
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin