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Irony and Influence: A Presumptive Tale of Pride and Prejudice by Riley St. Andish

Irony and Influence: A Presumptive Tale of Pride and Prejudice

by Riley St. Andish

Pub Date: Jan. 28th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1480022249
Publisher: CreateSpace

A bold, radical retelling of Pride and Prejudice.

In early 19th-century England, the familiar and beloved characters Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are about to meet. However, the famous pair has undergone an edgy makeover: Elizabeth is now a self-educated woman who possesses outrageous ideas and principles about how women should be treated, and Fitzwilliam is no longer a stuffy, off-putting man but one whose rebellious ways have his elderly father concerned about his future. Upon encountering Elizabeth at a bookstore, the elder Mr. Darcy can already sense that Elizabeth “is what [his son] needs to challenge him, keep him humble, and prevent him from becoming too gloomy.” Anticipating how unlikely the two would be willing to move past their own prejudices—Darcy’s disdain for feminism, Elizabeth’s disregard for Darcy’s loose ways—Darcy’s father decides to leave their courtship to chance. One day, destiny brings them together when they meet while horseback riding, their wits and chemistry sparking a connection between them that transcends their differences, without even knowing each other’s name. They soon decide to wed. Elizabeth’s sharp mind becomes ever more apparent as she helps build and expand Darcy’s wealth, and her sensuality marks her as a much more dynamic heroine than her era would seem to allow. While the two passionately discover more about one other, their love grows richer and more complex as they learn to accept and even appreciate their differences. Set against a backdrop of both familiar and new characters, the innovative and surprising shifts in the story speak to a current audience as well as readers who love the classic. The characters of St. Andish’s debut novel, especially the gutsy, forward-thinking Elizabeth, are well-developed and intriguing, and the choices they make are surprising and relatable.

Humor, suspense and romance shine through in this retelling that mingles 19th-century sensibilities with modern-day sentiments.