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WICKED AS YOU WISH by Rin Chupeco Kirkus Star


From the Hundred Names for Magic series, volume 1

by Rin Chupeco

Pub Date: March 3rd, 2020
ISBN: 978-1-4926-7266-1
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

A cursed prince and a girl whose presence stops magic join forces to regain the kingdom of Avalon from the Snow Queen.

Prince Alexei of Avalon has lived incognito since the Snow Queen ensnared his home kingdom in ice. He is now in hiding with Tala’s family in Arizona, keeping his identity and Tala’s spell-breaking a secret given the illegality of magic in the Royal States of America. When the fabled firebird, Avalon’s protector, arrives in Arizona, Alex, Tala, and a group sent by the mysterious leader Cheshire return to Avalon in an attempt to defeat the Snow Queen once and for all. Mythology and folklore from around the world, including King Arthur, Yamato Takeru, and El Cid, meet in a single world. This mishmash does not overwhelm but instead makes for an intriguing read. Fantastical events such as the fall of Wonderland are woven seamlessly with emotionally charged real-world elements such as racist Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. Tala is Scottish and Filipina, allowing for exploration of immigration and diasporic communities. Alex is gay, and other characters are nonbinary, disabled, adopted, and of various ethnicities. Incorporating modern sensibilities and a sprawling world drawn from fairy tales, Chupeco (The Never Tilting World, 2019, etc.) has brought readers a truly original novel.

A deftly executed melding of folklore and reality grounded in contemporary issues.

(Fantasy. 13-18)