VIDA PRESCOTT: Attorney by Rita Brady
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Although legal practice with her father in Elmville brought Vida Prescott no opportunity for trial dramatics, she found deep satisfaction in the service she was able to render to people like Bonnie Carter, 15, whose father deserted her. Mabel Fleming, Bonnie's aunt, applied to Vida for help in adopting Bonnie, but Vida found that the girl's father wanted money to sign release papers. When Bonnie inevitably became involved in serious trouble, Vida stood by her. This is a non-sensational account of the minor types of legal work which a woman attorney, and many men, too, find typical in small-town legal practice with its attendant routine and satisfactions. The author places no emphasis on woman's disadvantages in the legal profession, but she presents a good story with pleasant romantic attachment for Vida in her friendship with Alec Ridley. An above-average career book.

Publisher: Abelard-Schuman