BODYLOVE by Rita Freedman


Learning to Like Our Looks--and Ourselves
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Stop trying to pare pounds via reducing diets that undermine health and emotional well-being. Forget about the near-anorexic "ideal" body promoted by advertisers and the media. Learn to let your body tell you when it's had enough food to maintain its "set-point" weight. For health and obesity control, exercise in ways that you enjoy. Above all, says psychologist Freedman (Beauty Bound, 1985), love the body your genetic inheritence has given you. She supplies techniques to change a negative self-image into a positive one: focus on the body's good parts while gazing into a mirror; envision the worst parts as "perfect"; reiterate positive statements about your body, etc. She also lists some "self-touch" techniques for enhancing sensuality; suggests "creative use" of cosmetics; and, among other things, advises older women to identify with "mature, unglamorous role models"--she mentions Thatcher, Mead, and Hellman. Well-intentioned, but too unfocused and uncompelling to convert those who associate fitness with slimness.

ISBN: 06-016025-X
Publisher: HarperCollins
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