ICE FALCON by Rita Ritchie


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A historical tale of daring set in the days of the Norsemen when the small Christianized world lay at the mercy of Viking outlaws, this follows the exciting path of one boy, who is determined to ransom his father from a powerful Viking chief. Falconer to the household of Graf Ulrich in Saxony, Kurt's father leads a hunting party on their annual spring Lawking trip. A few days later, Kurt is shocked to hear of the capture and imprisonment of most of the group. Aware that the only ransom acceptable to the fierce Bror Spearfist is the priceless white gyrfalcon, Kurt decides to risk his own life on a trip to the desolate homing ground of this bird, the North country, where wilderness, volcanoes, glaciers and burning lava threaten man at every turn. In addition, there is the human danger of outlaws aboard the dragon ships prepared to snatch and enslave a lonely traveler. Kurt's mission is fraught with adventure, bloodshed and suspense and his final encounter with his precious prey climaxes a story that proves skill and ingenuity more powerful than sheer physical strength even in time and place of savagery.

Pub Date: Jan. 18th, 1963
Publisher: Norton