PRESUMED DEAD by Ritchie Perry


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London private-eye Frank MacAllister (MacAllister, 1984), after a lot of coaxing and a little blackmail, agrees to go searching for young Brazilian private-eye Alvamir Pinhal, son of Brazil's richest power-broker. Alvamir, it seems, hasn't been seen for eight months; other detectives have investigated in vain; but, though the young Rio shamus is presumed dead, his father will pay anything to find out what happened to him. Starting in Rio, then, with Alvamir's streetwise partner as sidekick, MacAllister goes into action, discovering that Alvamir was investigating the disappearance of local laborers after they answered an ad for out-of-town construction work. The trail leads to Recife in the northeast, then to a remote stretch of the Amazon--where a creepy tycoon seems to be running a heinous slave-farm for cocaine production. So MacAllister, posing as a geologist, will soon be in danger galore--jungle chases, boody-trapped airplanes, Nazi-like guards--as he manages to rescue Alvamir, demobilize the guards, and free the slaves. No real twists or surprises--but solid, scenic action, delivered in a wry, no-nonsense manner, from the author of the Philis spy-adventure series.

Pub Date: March 6th, 1987
Publisher: Doubleday