FOOL'S MATE by Ritchie Perry


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One of the more straightforward cases for secret agent Philis of SR(2): he's assigned to pose as a mercenary and get himself hired by shady tycoon Sir Keith Tenby. Hired to do what? To escort a certain lady from the South of France to England--a tall black beauty named Kuldip who happens to have been Idi Amin's most demanding mistress. Not only does Kuldip know the whereabouts of a fortune in rubies (result of Tenby's financing of Amin); she also has embarrassing lists of Amin supporters--at home and abroad. So assorted other groups give chase, of course, as Philis and Kuldip scamper through the French countryside: two different Ugandan factions and a French super-gang are all interested in getting their hands on Kuldip. Shootouts, car chases, two sieges (one in a chateau, one in a cave), a helicopter rescue, and a bit of on-the-road sex--competent but uninspired derring-do action, with less humor than usual this time around.

Pub Date: Aug. 24th, 1981
Publisher: Pantheon