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The author of the delightful Innocents at Cedro with a novel in which- if the pattern is familiar- the development is unusual. A group of people, brought together by chance as passengers on a ""non-scheduled flight"" from New Orleans to Guatemala, find the impact of free association, of cutting loose from their pasts- even for a brief time, gives them new confidence in facing the future. But to some, the flight holds an uncanny sense of being an end- and such it proves for eight; the Leavenworths, an elderly couple who round out a happy marriage together; the Crawfords, bride and groom, trying to wipe out the years of war and failing to do so; the pilot, dreading retirement and inactivity, and learning at the moment of death that Elaine, the hostess, loves him and has chosen to face death with him; and a Mexican couple. To the others, the miracle of their rescue solves problems that had seemed insuperable, and gives them freedom from fear to face a different sort of future. A psychological study, set in the frame of flight. Holding.

Pub Date: Jan. 31st, 1949
Publisher: Macmillan