SAINTS OF THE BYZANTINE WORLD by Rlanche Jannings Thompson


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Blanche Jennings Thompson, author of many popular children's books including When Saints Were Young. St. Elizabeth's Three Crowns, and All Day With God, a prayer book, contributes volume 5P to the distinguished Vision Book Series for readers from ten to fifteen. In Saints of the Byzantine World Mrs. Jennings points out that Christ founded the Church in the East, and that Jerusalem, Antioch and Alexandria were originally centers of religious activity as important as Rome. During these early days of Christianity God raised up Saints whose contributions are relatively unknown to young people of the twentieth century. In succinct biographical sketches of some of them, including St. Anthony of Egypt, St. Milayion, St. Nasil, St. Kiebalas and St. Gregory -- to name a few, the author points out their singular achievements in education, founding monastic life, preaching and combatting the heresies of the day. A vivid description of the first Ecumenical Council of the Church in 325 should prove of interest to children who are studying about the Council scheduled next year by Pope John. Mrs. Thompson, in easily understood terms, explains the schism which separated the Eastern Church from the West in 1054. Non-ponderous and interesting, Saints of the Byzantine World is perfect supplementary reading for grade-school students of Church History.

Pub Date: Aug. 22nd, 1961
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Cudahy