THE DOOR OPENS by rnst Lothar


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Parental footnotes on episodes in the lives of the author's motherless daughters, Agathe and anni, in Vienna. Fragile, but not precious, these are quietly gentle sketches in which the adult delight in childish responses is disarming. These are memories he cherishes -- Agathe's first examination in school, her first communion, her first dancing lesson, her first beau; anni's determination to late her sister at all times, her rebellion when she cannot. There is the departure of Fraulein, the death of a puppy, a canary, and their old maid, Marie; their first opera, the first Christmas presents they buy unaided, their exposure to charity, to underprivileged children, their conquest of a policeman, a wedding with champagn, their first realization of pregnancy...A father's appreciation of the growth and phases of his children through some four years of their lives, written with imagination and charm.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran