OVER TO YOU by Roaid


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In these stories, mostly of fliers and flying, there is a combination of humor and easy approach to the more serious aspects of character and perception, an affinity for the legendary possibilities of airmen and their tasks. The death of a pilot who knew fear; vengeance on a man who killed dogs; a crash and delirium in a hospital; a gay crusade of RAF boys to rescue prostitutes from a vicious madame; the defence of Greece, and the symbolism of a little Greek girl; a pilot's invasion of the Valhalla of fallen planes, his escape into life -- to be saved only for death; a crash -- enemy territory or not? -- a wife, co-living her husband's flight and his death, and dying herself; the certain madnesses that afflict pilots... Some very swell stuff far straight reading pleasure, where popular appeal and careful writing combine for enjoyment.

Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock