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GO PIG OR GO HOME by Rob Harrell


From the Batpig series, volume 3

by Rob Harrell ; illustrated by Rob Harrell

Pub Date: March 14th, 2023
ISBN: 978-0-593-53194-5
Publisher: Dial Books

A porcine superhero returns for his third graphic novel adventure.

Gary is back for more giggle-inducing escapades that unfold over two short tales. In the first, “Careful What You Wish For,” he worries about an upcoming history test. Instead of just staying home and studying, he goes out as Batpig, his alter ego, saving a magic-store owner from a vandal and in return being gifted a magical powder that will help him learn whatever he needs. Predictably—albeit with hilarious results—the spell does not go as planned, and a giant green squid clown, or squown, threatens his school and classmates. Will Gary admit that wishing for good grades is not the same as earning them? In the second offering, “Camp Danger,” Gary, along with pals Brook and Carl, is off to sleep-away Camp Moldy Snout. Carl and Brook make new friends easily, leaving Gary feeling left out. When a series of events leads a lake monster to frighten his fellow campers, Gary makes the pivotal decision to save the day, thus revealing his secret identity to the campers—and unbeknownst to him, his greatest adversary, The Butcher. Harrell’s newest installment is a full-color comic delight, going whole-hog (pun intended) on all things silly while maintaining the irresistible charm established by its predecessors. Each tale conveys a gentle message alongside the humor. Animal and human characters coexist; humans depicted show a range of skin tones.

A consistent crowd pleaser for sure.

(Graphic fiction. 7-12)