A.K.A.: A Cosmic Fable by Rob Swigart

A.K.A.: A Cosmic Fable

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There's this aerospace executive, Avery Krupp Augenblaue, see, and he goes on this ten-year intergalactic trip inside a craft fueled by orgone power that, when it originally took off, let loose so much sexual energy into the air that people are just getting unentangled in time for its return to earth. And everything's even hornier on account of this aphrodisiac gas that's released by these termites, see--forniculotermes brevis--who live inside cheap bedroom furniture that has the effect of making America's bedrooms into pleasure palaces despite themselves. Oh yeah, there's also this dwarf named Degenerate White Dwarf (like the star) who goes around Vonnegutishly crying ""Ho ho ho."" And the big scene, right, the big scene is when Avery returns home from space to address the AKA clubs of the world about how he found ""The Answer"" in outer space, and it's called ""The Blue Light"" and it's got to do with Wilhelm Reich's psychosexual theory of repressed energy. Swigart's style is strictly California oh-wow and subtle as an axe.

Pub Date: March 6th, 1978
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin