FLIGHT DECK by Robb White
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John Lawrence, a navy pilot on combat. Duty in World War II, is injured in an enemy bombardment and grounded. Through a secret arrangement with his brother, John decides to station himself on a supposedly deserted island so that he may radio nearby Guadalcanal of approaching enemy planes. When John's brother is shot down, no one in the entire navy knows of John's whereabouts. John discovers a forsaken shack in the woods and he moves in, just as unexpected Japanese troops land on the beach. John carefully watches the enemy's procedures and manosuvers, but when he contacts Guadalcanal, he is not believed. Alone, with an injured Australian boy, he finally destroys the enemy camp and escapes on a rescue ship... With an eye for action, an understanding of his characters, and a devotion to reality, Robb White has created another fast-moving and logically conceived adventure story for masculine readers.

Pub Date: Oct. 6th, 1961
Publisher: Doubleday