THE SAVING OF P. S. by Robbie Branscum


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Motherless P.S. (short for Priscilla Sue) is one of Branscum's hard-working, strong-feeling Arkansas younguns, growing up in overalls with only a flour sack dress for Sundays, when Pa does his preaching--though P.S. at twelve hasn't yet been saved. What riles her up now is Pa's courtship of pretty widow Cora Lee, but all P.S.'s wicked rampaging doesn't deter him from marrying and moving them into the widow's painted, curtained house. Repentant at last for the grief her possessiveness has caused everyone concerned, P.S. takes to the road with her smelly old dog Brimstone. Reunion, accommodation, and even P.S.'s answering the ""altar call"" at church eventually follow, but not until she's gone through ""hail, fire, and Brimstone"" in her travels and raised some unholy commotion at home. P.S. is a mite thin next to Me and Jim Luke (1971), but sparky, as usual.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Doubleday