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THE ROLLING STONES by Robert A. Heinlein Kirkus Star


by Robert A. Heinlein

Pub Date: June 15th, 1952
ISBN: 1439133565
Publisher: Scribner

Mr. Heinlein wonder of wonders- has turned out a WHOLESOME book on outer space. Booksellers and librarians can suggest this one with an easy conscience, even for the timid. The Stones are a space-minded family of pioneer earth people who came to the moon to live. Headed by Hazel, a pistol-toting grandma, most of the interest centers around Castor and Pollux, the fifteen year old "unheavenly twins", a mischievous brace who want to go to Mars to sell second-hand bicycles, at a smart profit. Accordingly, the family buys a second-hand space ship and starts out for immeasureable space as casually as the average family embarks on a picnic. Enroute to Mars, the mother, Dr. Stone, transfers to another space ship to be of help in a mysterious epidemic. Once arrived Grandma and five-year-old Buster are almost lost in outer space. The twins buy Buster a "flat cat", a charming animal which unfortunately breeds as fast as a hamster. We leave the Stones taking off from Mars "outward bound to the ends of the Universe".