FAR JOURNEYS by Robert A. Monroe


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If you have never left your body, travelled in extra-physical ""space,"" and then come back with your story to this mundane life, Monroe's doctrine may not be persuasive. On the other hand, if you share Monroe's extraordinary powers--and he insists that quite a few people do--or even if you enjoy some other metaphysical bent, this up-to-date report from the author of Journeys Out of the Body (250,000 copies sold) will be that much more compelling. At the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences in rural Virginia, founded by the author, he and some 3000 volunteers have experimented with unusual levels of consciousness through Hemi-Sync (for hemisphere synchronization), a process by which the brain waves of the left and right hemispheres are synchronized through sound. Wired up in Monroe's sound rooms, these brave ""Explorers"" report encounters with ""entities,"" ""intelligences,"" ""voices,"" ""beings,"" and at least one ""green man"" on various numbered levels, or ""focuses."" Sometimes the unearthly beings ""borrow"" the subject's vocal chords to talk to the monitor of the experiment. Monroe describes in copious detail his own trips to the ""Far Reaches,"" beyond verbal communication--and he warns that his translations into English are ""deliberately free.' Thus ""I flickered"" means something like ""I was not quite sure,"" and ""CLICK!"" refers to an instantaneous change in consciousness. Monroe's new-found universe is remarkably benign, and nothing like the darkness that depth psychology so often runs into, when it works.

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 1985
ISBN: 0385231822
Publisher: Doubleday