NEW LIFE IN THE CHURCH by Robert A. Raines


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Every Christian who has a concern about the potential of the Church and its actual fruitfulness will welcome this book about the necessity and method of conversion, and the nurturing of changed lives within a dynamic Christian community. In part the book is a witness to what God has done to and through a Methodist minister in a parish that comes to life; in part, it is the distillation of that experience as he thought it through in terms of its wider significance for the whole Church, and shared the result in a series of lectures given to the Indiana Yearly Meeting of Friends. The book is absorbing reading, with substance for Christians in every level and age. Its greatest contribution is the step by step process of how a Christian goes from the impact of Conversion to the life of sanctification, and in company with other Christians takes up with new power the Mission of the Church.

Pub Date: Jan. 18th, 1960
Publisher: Harper