HONOR THY FATHER by Robert A. Roripaugh


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ild-mannered, earnest tale of the often violent period in the Wyoming territory of the 1800's when homesteaders and ranchers raised the dust on the lonesome plains. When Martin Tyrrell listened to the arguments between his strong-killed rancher father and his elder brother Ira, he never suspected that Ira would out over the question of the right of homesteaders to use the land, then used by members of the Association and protected by these powerful ranchers. However, Ira does pull out and supports to some extent the ""little man"" fighting the Association to which his father belongs. Two hangings; the near death of Mary, loved by both Mart and Ira; an attack on the elder Tyrrell after Ira's activities have put him under suspicion; and the dark doings of an Association ""detective"", whom Tyrrell had helped aid Tyrrell to see the light. An interesting subject and situation, but cowboy opera buffs will regret that the Tyrrells shoot the breeze rather than each other, and the more serious reader might like more meat on the oof. Middlin'.

Publisher: Morrow