OUR FUTURE IN ASIA by Robert Aura Smith
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This is the most important book for the layman that has been written on our problems in the Far East, where our Asiatic frontier still stands on the China Sea. Our stake is an economic one; China has been pulling American chestnuts out of the fire, and we must soon face our own responsibilities. Careful analysis of the situation, -- our dependence, the dangers in our isolationist viewpoint, the peril involved in the changing European front, the importance of a necessary decision on our Philippine venture -- and Japan's forward march. Historical and economic background -- searching analysis up to the minute -- and these conclusions. We must repeal the Japanese Exclusion Act, to show we are not merely anti-Japan; we must make clear that Philippine independence is not imminent; we must place armed forces in the Far East -- and we must then, and then only, impose a rigid embargo against Japan. Don't miss this book. Its time is now.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1940
Publisher: Viking