LOVE FORTY by Robert Barker


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Stephen Mitchell, a tennis-playing stockbroker ranked #9 in the East, is a 40-year-old ""loner"" rat-racing through life, A jogger when he's not struggling through tournaments on the satellite circuit, Mitchell believes all his physical activity will relieve the anxiety attacks and guilt feelings experienced off court (he's in debt. . . the market is hitting bottom. . .and he and his wife Hope have had ""eighteen years of arguing about a game""). As you might have guessed, the protagonist is always trying to ""prove"" something the macho way. Now his life is further complicated by painful bone spurs (his feet hurt), skin cancer, his romps with assorted clients and fans, and his wife's affair with her analyst. The song stays the same until he plays -- despite near-crippling angina pectoris -- and conquers his leg-cramped nemesis in the finals. Our broker says sell short -- either that or take salt tablets.

Pub Date: May 14th, 1975
Publisher: Lippincott