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THE BOOK OF DAD by Robert A. Benson


Quotes from a Lifetime of Wisdom

by Robert A. Benson

Pub Date: April 30th, 2009
ISBN: 978-1441528261
Publisher: Xlibris

A father posits platitudes for his offspring.

In a brief introduction, Benson touches on his military background and waxes somber over career-imposed absences from his family. After a near-death experience, a voice instructed the author to “always be good to your children,” and Benson obeyed by sending hundreds of text messages to his children, 200 of which are included in this book. Tidbits of advice fall into eight categories—motivational, decision-making, relationships, parental, professionalism, spiritual, behavioral and proverbial—with up to 35 snippets per section. “Anyone can write your song, only you can sing and record it.” “The toughest thing to figure out is who sincerely cares about you.” “Always strive to remain what your love interest fell for with improvement.” “Focus to develop your vocation while simultaneously solidifying your avocation.” “Strive to love doing what you get paid for; otherwise life is miserable.” “Sin is a stink you cannot wash off; you can be delivered from it though.”  “If you don’t pay taxes on it, it is illegal.” “Artificial strength will eventually serve to exhaust and perhaps kill you.” Some of these chestnuts may be taken on faith, a few are perplexing and one might be a bumper sticker: “Don’t talk it, live it, don’t say it, spray it.” The book is a laundry list of one-liners without depth, exposition or connection to defining events in the life of the author or his children.

A one-way trip through the flatlands of one man’s truth, but if quotes float your boat, hop on board.