COLD CHILLS by Robert Bloch


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Fourteen short stories which have appeared in twelve different kinds of periodicals, from Playboy to sf media, in the last seven years, all with genial introductory asides on their genesis--from Mr. Bloch. The cold chills are infrequent, mostly in an alcoholic's ""See How They Run"" or the one about the greatest Hamlet ever, who lived and died the part. The fantasy stories aren't too fantastic (new life on a new planet or regeneration via cloning), but there's a nice sentimental long shot of the ""Movie People"" way back in the Twenties and a playful item about Harry Hinch, who has a wiggy boutique with wonderful bumper stickers. The nearest: ""In the Cards,"" where death turns up with the Ace of Spades. An enjoyable aggregate.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1977
Publisher: Doubleday