BREAKDOWN: The Collapse of Traditional Civilization by Robert Briffault

BREAKDOWN: The Collapse of Traditional Civilization

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Originally published (1932) by Brentano, but reached so small a market that it can be virtually considered as a new publication, particularly since the original text has been somewhat revised, and a new section added. There's dynamite here, if it be taken at its full value, for he does not hesitate to explode the myth of civilization, to tear down the idol of tradition, to charge us with artificial stupefaction, chaos of thought, mental decay. He says --in his new section -- that ""Fascism is predatory capitalism at bay, with mask and gloves off"", and proceeds to show how large a part of the Western world is actually in the throes of Fascism in one guise or another. Briffault is doubly in the saddle this season, with the much-discussed Europa coming on Scribner's list. The market for Breakdown is the sort of market you got for Decline of the West, and various ""scarehead"" books.

Pub Date: Oct. 9th, 1935
Publisher: Coward, McCann