FANDANGO by Robert Briffault


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I can't ""take it"" -- this sort of smut, dressed up into social comedy. Not that I'm squeamish or that I shock easily; I just think it is in bad taste. Europa was so fast paced and exciting, that one took other things in the stride of the story. This isn't so well done, it creaks at the joints, seems almost amateurish at times, and I think it is pretty filthy....The story of Spain on the brink of disaster, with high society deliberately making merry on the edge of an abyss; of a young Viennese who wants to ignore politics and dance; and of what happens when the Spanish world and then the Austrian world crashes. She and her mother take refuge in Paris, where ultimately she is driven to the streets. Fill in the gaps with your imagination, and guess your market. Certainly not for public libraries or for conservatives.

Pub Date: April 22nd, 1940
Publisher: Scribner