WHICH IS WILLY? by Robert Bright
Kirkus Star


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A whimsical fantasy about a penguin who vacillates between individualism and togetherness. Tired of cavorting with the gang at the South Pole, Willy takes off for the big city where his desire to stand out is amply fulfilled. The object of ogles and stares, in stores, restaurants and subways, Willy suddenly feels a need for obscurity and so in white collar, shoes, top hat and umbrella he joins the opera-goers and is completely absorbed in the crowd. Again the need to be different arises and this time it is back to the South Pole, regaled in his opera costume, which is finally discarded when Willy decides to join the penguin world once and for all. A talented author-illustrator entertains adults and children alike with a bare minimum of words and some hilarious illustrations in black and white. Beginning readers will enjoy this by themselves. Another Robert Bright success!

Pub Date: July 27th, 1962
Publisher: Doubleday