RIVERS, MAN AND MYTHS by Robert Brittain
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Rivers are interesting: for their geological causes and phenomena; as creators of life; suppliers of food, power, mineral wealth; shapers of economic, social, political destiny; stimulators of man's myth-making capacities; of cartographic, engineering, military problems; and not less- as beauty and magic flowing hypnotically through the landbound world. Robert Brittain shares these- and still other- fascinations, confining himself primarily to the prehistoric era on up to the Middle Ages. It is indeed remarkable that he has found such a wholeness in the disparate elements of the subject and one in never conscious of any contrived technique. His river lore has a strong appeal to those concerned with the humanities as well as science- and his book may well have something of the ""sleeper"" potential of Gods, Graves and Scholars.

Pub Date: March 20th, 1958
Publisher: Doubleday